feliz cumpleanos (y mas)

that’s right… my sweet husband turned 27 last saturday. and may i take this moment to say that he is one wonderful [and incredibly handsome] man. i couldn’t be any happier. he lets me eat ice cream all the time, gives me the best hugs (and lots of them), works like crazy to provide for me, listens to my long stories, rubs my achy shoulder, gives me the giggles… i could go on. i am so lucky to be mrs. aaron baldridge. i love you, lovey.

we celebrated at our favorite mexican restaurant in dallas, tio carlos, the day before his birthday; yum. on saturday (his birthday) we brought blondies and ice cream to church (if you didn’t know, we go to a wonderfully small church, which meets in a home). here are a few pics in celebration…

aaron and asa puttin’ up the 2-7.

little micah/batman.

paul, brianna, and aaron.

in other news, i still LOVE pediatrics. more than ever. i worked in the newborn nursery the week before last — unbelievable. i got to be on the receiving end of a couple deliveries; that is, instead of working with the obstetricians and the mom, i got to help the pediatrician care for the baby, who was taking his very first breaths! last week i worked in the med student clinic (kind of an urgent care where we actually see the kids ourselves and a senior doctor helps us in their care), and spent the afternoons in various pediatric specialty clinics. what else can i say? it’s a great feeling to be excited to go to work.

as for aaron, he had an interesting week… long story short, his computer’s hard drive — with a year’s worth of hard work — crashed. apple said it’s a goner. we pondered what to do. aaron trudged through the week knowing lots of hard work lay ahead. we bit the bullet and got him a new computer yesterday. and today, with the new one all set up… he accidentally revived his old computer and got all his files back! ridiculous. lesson learned: back up your stuff.

tomorrow i’m off for the wedding of two of my dearest friends: jess and josiah. wish aaron could come too. check back for pictures of the wonderful occasion…

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