all good gifts

we can’t stop giving thanks… aaron and i, though tired, have had some really good days lately. unfortunately, i don’t have pictures to illustrate, but here are a few things that are going on over here in d-town.

1. aaron started his second year of teaching high school last monday. he has similar classes to last year’s classes (biology and environmental science), but one big change is going to make his year beautiful — a.p. environmental (emphasis on a.p. — advanced placement). he has students emailing him with questions, obviously thinking their way through homework, and making connections between classroom lectures and life. he’s totally in his element.

2. i started my 8-week pediatrics rotation last monday. i love it. love love love it. peds has been high on my list for a while now, but i went into this rotation with an underlying fear that i would find i didn’t really like it at all. i love it. and the best part is that i really enjoy the things i actually expected to dislike! i thought i’d be bored by well-child check appointments, and i really like them. so, while i of course am only one week in, i have so much peace that i’ve found something i could do the rest of my life with joy and enthusiasm! i’m definitely open to liking other fields, maybe even more, but it’s so cool to find that i love this.

3. we have a sweet group of friends that now meets on sunday evenings for dinner and study of God’s truth. it has become a highlight of our week, and we’re really thankful for how God has planted and facilitated growth of deep friendships here.

that’s it for now. grace and peace be yours in abundance from God our Papa and our Lord Jesus!

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