as promised, i’m back with pictures from the wedding of the wonderful jessica and josiah lamz!

jess was one of my 27 girls in page 3b [when i was an r.a. at westmont], and became one of my dearest friends over the following years, from late nights in their room that year to weekends at her parents’ house in slo. josiah lived next to me in clark (where aaron was his r.a.), sang hymns with me in dr. rosentrater’s calculus class, and brightened my days as a fellow page r.a. that second year at westmont; he has always been such a great friend to me and aaron. so, needless to say, my heart spilled over with joy at the moment of their marriage to each other.

the wedding was picturesque and full of joy. the evening was filled with conversations with some of my closest friends, all of whom i really miss! we are, once again, reminded of how blessed we were to spend several of our most formative years in an environment as rich as westmont college.

the beautiful girls.

and the men, looking sharp.

josiah awaits his bride.

placecards amid old pictures.

mr. and mrs. lamz.

my long-lost-heather + chad.

the cake sequence.

of course, i returned to my beloved husband the following day, grateful for where God has brought us since those years at westmont.

and friday night, i had the great opportunity to spend some q.t. with the girls who have become my source of encouragement and joy here in dallas! jenny, rachel, marcela, emily, and i walked in the beautiful evening weather to strong’s, to enjoy the pie that jenny had been talking up for a while now… let me just say there was no inkling of disappointment. we devoured the chocolate cream, coconut cream, and key lime pie without a hesitation. probably my favorite dessert in dallas now. afterwards, we enjoyed a silly movie that was seriously good (penelope) at jenny’s house, but only after some dvd player fiascos. i am incredibly grateful for the blessing of friends that know and understand me.

rachel + marcela + emily.

me + jenny.

One thought on “friends

  1. April says:

    Great pictures Courtney! Seriously, you captured a lot of good shots!! I hope you are well.

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