these days, i am happily spending all my spare time on my sweet little girl.  which is wonderful, because she is wonderful.  on the other hand, things like our blog and long-overdue thank you notes have fallen by the wayside.  oops.

anyways, i think the best way to catch up on the blog is to just share a slew of photographs.  don’t you agree?

first off, we’ll start with instagram, one of my favorite things right now.  here’s a little collage of some of my favorite photos posted on there in the past few months — centering on a certain subject whose name starts with an “o.”

and now, just a smattering of photos — some taken with the ever-convenient iphone, others with my incredible canon s.l.r.  so many ways to capture this beautiful life.

oh, and by the way — the pictures below are more or less in chronological order, so you can see the progression of that little girl’s crazy growth!

this goes way back, but just had to share it. our friends ruth and maggy (from burundi, central africa) visiting just days before olivia made her appearance.

and another one from way back when… our pastors’ daughter brianna blessed little “baby baldridge” with prayerful henna several weeks before the big day.

and now, on to olivia. this was in the first weeks… can you believe how teeny tiny that girl was?! just wait till you see the pictures below…

tiny sleeper.

her biggest cousin addy, meeting liv for the first time when we arrived in santa barbara. love these two.

and right behind addy, waiting to hold little olivia, was lucy goose, cousin #3. sweet girls.

great grandma getting to meet olivia in san luis obispo, california. it was liv’s first s.l.o. farmer’s market.

livy loves playing with nana and auntie kells.

caught up with a close college friend, heather, while in san diego in august. we made friends with little collins, who is just a month and a half older than liv.

since we are doing cloth diapers for olivia, we are in the loop with the local cloth diaper shop. and as a result, we got a free professional photo shoot when she was two months old. love this little beauty.

great weekend with dear friends… and in fact, we have another weekend with these very friends coming up in just a few days! we are blessed. p.s. miss you sooo much, jenny…

two months old, loving her activity gym.

hangin’ with daddy in the big bed.

daddy won an award! the texas instruments innovations in “stem” teaching award (stands for science, technology, engineering, and math). we are so proud of him.

my girly girl.

bundled up in her jammies on our first cold day of fall!

daddy doing some work while enjoying the outdoors. we took a weekend trip with a handful of close friends from our bible study, up in beaver’s bend state park in oklahoma. the fresh air and fellowship was just what we needed.

enjoying the beautiful scenery and my sweet girl in her moby wrap. love that thing.

the men enjoying a good bonfire.

and the girls all cozy inside.

broken bow lake at beaver’s bend state park.

waking up to breakfast with “uncle” adam.

oh, daddy. such a silly guy.

had the chance to visit san diego just a few weeks ago, to celebrate my sweet sister kelley and my little nephew beckett, who is due to arrive in january!

this girl is loving her fist! yumm.

the whitmore girls — missed you, kristen!

cousin liam holding not-so-little olivia. don’t mind my hand in the bottom left corner. love that sweet boy.

our little pumpkin — already four months old!

this little sweetheart is twenty weeks old! my how those weeks have flown by!

our favorite part of every day is greeting this face in the morning. we are beyond blessed.

we hope you enjoyed that fast and furious summary of the past 4+ months!  i hope to follow up this post with another, featuring a few short videos of olivia, in the near future.  until then…

we love you all lots!

– court

2 thoughts on “photographs

  1. Denise says:

    LOVED this! so happy we get to see this beautiful girl and all of y’all this weekend!!!!!

  2. Kristen says:

    JKL Whitmore just looked at all of these together… we love that cute little Liv! Miss you guys and can’t wait to see you in SLO!

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