fun time…

about a week ago, we took a trip to san diego, for the purpose of celebrating the wedding of brett zundel and andrea myers (brett is aaron’s best friend, from westmont — aka bffl). the wedding was beautiful in every way: the setting was unbelievable, the details were lovely and creative, the bride and groom were stunning (as was my husband — click here to see pics), and, most of all, the love expressed was exciting/joyous/genuine/Christlike. we love you, brett and andrea.

as a bonus, court got to hang out with her family in san diego, while aaron had some boy time. it was one of the best weekends we’ve had in a long time — and we both returned home wiped out. good times.

while in southern california, i (court) got to do some pretty sweet/important things: visit my grandpa in brawley (which included several great hours of q.t. with my dad in the car), attend our nephew liam’s 2nd birthday party, and hang out with katie and april (two close friends/roommates from westmont)! unfortunately, i forgot to bring my camera to san diego. so i stole a few pictures from erin (my sister/liam’s mom). aaron brought his camera, but it’s still in san diego with brett — maybe we’ll post a few pics from the boys’ weekend at a later date…

liam’s party was at a private estate, where railroad roy (a sweet, retired expert on trains) has a real railroad and all the paraphernalia you could imagine to go with it! liam loved it — and so did all his guests.

liam and papa (aka nephew and dad).

me and addy (our niece) riding the train!

the older kids were allowed to try the switch (that changes the tracks).

liam with his big bubbles.

the coolest cake ever.

my sister’s cute kids…

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