it has taken me a long time to get back here to blog… but here i am, with lots of pictures to share. our summer has been packed. busy, fun, tiring, exciting, new — all these words apply. here’s a brief illustrated story of our summer so far.

after we enjoyed ourselves at the zundel wedding in may (see post below), we returned to dallas, where aaron finished his year of teaching and i (court) studied like crazy for step 1.

the week leading up to my big test, aaron went to young life camp at crooked creek ranch near fraser, colorado. it was a fantastic way for God to build friendships between aaron and some of the students at hillcrest, the school he teaches at.

as for my test, it should have been a beatdown — but, of course, God brought me through with sincerely loving friends and peace that surpasses understanding.

after a few days of fabulous r&r in our apartment, we left for austin with rachel + adam, headed for several days of awesomeness at the house of our dear friend jenny — on lake travis, my new favorite place in texas. jenny’s family is full of love and grace, as she is, and we wore ourselves out in the great outdoors.

immediately after returning to dallas, we hopped on a plane to san diego, where we would celebrate my mom’s thirtieth — uh, i mean, fiftieth — birthday with a week of love and fun, with the entire whitmore fam — all eleven of us! happy birthday (this tuesday), mom!

while we were in beautiful san diego, we had the bonus of visiting the newly-wed brett and andrea! we packed in some good times, they fed us some good food, and their new dog gideon gave us some love. 🙂

while aaron stopped in phoenix to see his wonderful fam, i started my third year of medical school! i started off with four weeks of internal medicine at parkland hospital, and i’m just about to do four more of internal medicine at the v.a. it’s been a whirlwind — and i’m loving it! this is me and rachel at our third-year orientation.

on july seventh, we celebrated one year of marriage! let me just take this moment to say that my husband is excellent in loving others, particularly me. i love you, lovey.

finally, aaron has kept busy in his summer off with prep for the a.p. class he’ll be teaching this next year! he got to visit our friend scott in houston a couple weeks ago, while he attended a conference for a.p. science.

we are blessed. not only do we have all we need, but we have more. most of all, we have the deep love of a passionate God who created us.

One thought on “summer

  1. yay! a new post! I really need to update our blog too! I used one of the photos you took of Jonathan and I for our new profile pic. 🙂

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