strange things are happening…

i finished strong with phlebotomy last week, and now i’m about to enter my final week of second year. exciting, you think? well, eventually. first, i have 5 straight weeks of studying — hopefully the hardest studying i’ve ever done and ever will do — for step 1 of the usmle (what i’ve been told is the “hardest test you’ll ever take” and the “most important test of your life” by various peers… no pressure!).

but… i am actually excited about this approaching end of second year, because the next step that awaits me (after the huge test and two weeks of break) is really exciting — third year of medical school, in which i look and act just like a doctor but have no idea what i’m doing! (well, almost no idea…) i thought you might like to know the outline of the coming year, because i’m really excited about it. i just finished scheduling it a few days ago.

july-august: internal medicine
september-october: pediatrics
november-december: surgery
january-february: psychiatry
february-march: ob/gyn
april: subspecialty
may: neurology
june: family medicine

fun, huh?!! just thought i’d share.

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