life as usual…

we keep forgetting to take out the camera for things. the latest exciting happenings have included: passover seder at our church, an italian feast at our house, eating lots of yummy strawberries, aaron taking his last teacher certification test, courtney working at a pediatric immunization fair, courtney taking ballet for the first time, and others i can’t think of at the moment.

here are a few times we’ve remembered to pull out the camera.

about a month ago, while aaron was in colorado with his buddies, court went to a regional meeting for acog (american college of obstetricians and gynecologists)! the women’s health interest group invited students to attend, and it just so happened that i went with three of my closest girl friends at school, rachel, marcela, and anne! we stuck out, being so obviously young and so obviously not yet doctors. (though my name tag accidentally said “courtney baldridge, md”! the other girls had “ms” for medical student. i tried to not let anyone see my tag, lest they start asking me questions i couldn’t answer!) even though some stuff was over our heads, we had a great time. ob/gyn is an option i’m seriously considering (though peds is at the top currently… until next week when i decide on something new!).

marcela and anne in the bone health booth — there was a 3-D video of osteoporosis!

me and rachel…

not the greatest picture, but this is the four of us after a long day of lectures!

on april 2nd, court’s birthday, aaron returned home after girls’ bible study was done at our apartment, and took court on a ride to get her totally unexpected birthday gift: a coffee table! lacey said it best: “you know you’re getting older when furniture is on your birthday list.” our apartment feels more welcoming now… thanks, lovey.

finally, we took these tonight. i returned home at 7:45pm after my first of four shifts in phlebotomy. i watched about 10 patients get their blood drawn by my phlebotomist, tonya. i drew three patients’ blood on my own; tonya didn’t even have to help me get the needle in! i was so scared, but now i feel a lot more at ease, and it’s kind of neat. i’m really in the hospital taking care of patients! more of that in a couple months… a lot more.

court in her scrubs…

with one of the tourniquets left in her pocket.

aaron’s typical evening posture… working on the computer.

we love you! ciao for now…

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