a little belated look at our honeymoon.

i just realized that my honeymoon pictures are still on my camera! obviously, i haven’t taken enough pictures this year to kick those ones off the s.d. card.

anyways, i have no idea if you’re interested in seeing them, but here are a few…

i was SO happy to drink a cup of coffee at peet’s. if only dallas had a peet’s and a trader joe’s, we might be more inclined to stay… maybe.

we ate lunch at pastini’s the first day after a hike to our b&b, the white house, with loads of wedding gifts.

we had a very long drive down to gold beach… too long. the endpoint was fantastic (the beautiful tu tu tun lodge). if you want to hear the story, you’ll have to call or visit us. but the moral of the story is: you may love google maps, but you shouldn’t trust them all the time.

we love the mountains, the trees, and the river… can you tell by the look on his face?

enjoying the cool water of the rogue river one last time…

driving back up the fast way — and spectacular way — to the city again. [why do we live in dallas, again?]

back in p-town, enjoying the famous powell’s bookstore, eating the whole bowl, and forgetting my phone on a bench (surprised, aren’t you?).

downtown portland is quite kid friendly.

my handsome lovey.

dinner at bernie’s southern bistro, the #1 favorite of our b&b hosts.

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