the Lord is risen!

we are blessed to have a church that treats us like family here in dallas. we sure miss holidays with our families, but we like celebrating easter with lgbc (lower greenville baptist community — even though it’s not in lower greenville anymore!). here’s a peak at our celebration of Jesus’ love and power!

little micah with his grandma pam, hunting for eggs.

sneaking a kiss on the cheek while the kids hunt for candy!

for months, we had been meaning to get in touch with aaron’s family friend, micah olson and his wife erin, who also live in dallas… and then we happened upon them at lgbc’s easter brunch!

we have lots of sweet kids at lgbc… this is ruby.

ruby and leila.

three kids — brianna, ruby, and aaron — peek out for a picture.

our friend andrea.

so, at lgbc, there are some very cool/weird traditions (depending on whether you’re doing or just watching)…
the biggest easter tradition is called “peep-jousting”. it consists of two peeps, each with a lance (toothpick), facing each other on a paper plate. they go in the microwave — where they expand quite rapidly. the first peep to lance its opponent wins… and moves on to the next round (although the person has to use a new peep in the next round — look below to see the peeps just after battle). it’s all very serious.

aaron and i had to face each other in the first round. here we are with our peeps pre-face-off…

and here are our peeps post-microwave-joust. yes, courtney’s conquered…

but only against aaron. gary’s peep dominated court’s in the next round. and our friend beth became the reigning champ. oh well. there’s always next year.

paul, our pastor, describes aaron as the pied piper — it seems that may be true.

One thought on “the Lord is risen!

  1. Kevin says:

    Aaron and Court, you are wonderful. Lovely pictures. I am laughing from looking at peep jousting. How does it work, really? He is Risen Indeed!

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