then we took a break…

for spring break (we got lucky — both our breaks coincided!), we traveled to phoenix, then to l.a. and on down to san diego. it was ridiculously good. the weather and the geography of those places were, of course, delightful in march! most of all, though, we got to be with our families.

here’s a few pics. unfortunately, we had so much fun with court’s fam in san diego that we forgot to pull out the camera! oops! might have to steal some random pictures from one of them, because you are really missing out on my beautiful parents and sibs… and my sweet niece and neph!

eating lunch on sunday afternoon with grandma mae and carl.

eating poliberto’s (i.e. mexican food — not tex-mex!) with mindy and scott.

aaron and his dad working hard outside on tasks saved especially for aaron’s visit.

arriving at the phoenix botanical gardens, waiting for the olsons to arrive.

the boys waiting for the butterfly exhibit…

… and the girls.

one of the many butterflies!

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