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these days, i am happily spending all my spare time on my sweet little girl.  which is wonderful, because she is wonderful.  on the other hand, things like our blog and long-overdue thank you notes have fallen by the wayside.  oops.

anyways, i think the best way to catch up on the blog is to just share a slew of photographs.  don’t you agree?

first off, we’ll start with instagram, one of my favorite things right now.  here’s a little collage of some of my favorite photos posted on there in the past few months — centering on a certain subject whose name starts with an “o.”

and now, just a smattering of photos — some taken with the ever-convenient iphone, others with my incredible canon s.l.r.  so many ways to capture this beautiful life.

oh, and by the way — the pictures below are more or less in chronological order, so you can see the progression of that little girl’s crazy growth!

this goes way back, but just had to share it. our friends ruth and maggy (from burundi, central africa) visiting just days before olivia made her appearance.

and another one from way back when… our pastors’ daughter brianna blessed little “baby baldridge” with prayerful henna several weeks before the big day.

and now, on to olivia. this was in the first weeks… can you believe how teeny tiny that girl was?! just wait till you see the pictures below…

tiny sleeper.

her biggest cousin addy, meeting liv for the first time when we arrived in santa barbara. love these two.

and right behind addy, waiting to hold little olivia, was lucy goose, cousin #3. sweet girls.

great grandma getting to meet olivia in san luis obispo, california. it was liv’s first s.l.o. farmer’s market.

livy loves playing with nana and auntie kells.

caught up with a close college friend, heather, while in san diego in august. we made friends with little collins, who is just a month and a half older than liv.

since we are doing cloth diapers for olivia, we are in the loop with the local cloth diaper shop. and as a result, we got a free professional photo shoot when she was two months old. love this little beauty.

great weekend with dear friends… and in fact, we have another weekend with these very friends coming up in just a few days! we are blessed. p.s. miss you sooo much, jenny…

two months old, loving her activity gym.

hangin’ with daddy in the big bed.

daddy won an award! the texas instruments innovations in “stem” teaching award (stands for science, technology, engineering, and math). we are so proud of him.

my girly girl.

bundled up in her jammies on our first cold day of fall!

daddy doing some work while enjoying the outdoors. we took a weekend trip with a handful of close friends from our bible study, up in beaver’s bend state park in oklahoma. the fresh air and fellowship was just what we needed.

enjoying the beautiful scenery and my sweet girl in her moby wrap. love that thing.

the men enjoying a good bonfire.

and the girls all cozy inside.

broken bow lake at beaver’s bend state park.

waking up to breakfast with “uncle” adam.

oh, daddy. such a silly guy.

had the chance to visit san diego just a few weeks ago, to celebrate my sweet sister kelley and my little nephew beckett, who is due to arrive in january!

this girl is loving her fist! yumm.

the whitmore girls — missed you, kristen!

cousin liam holding not-so-little olivia. don’t mind my hand in the bottom left corner. love that sweet boy.

our little pumpkin — already four months old!

this little sweetheart is twenty weeks old! my how those weeks have flown by!

our favorite part of every day is greeting this face in the morning. we are beyond blessed.

we hope you enjoyed that fast and furious summary of the past 4+ months!  i hope to follow up this post with another, featuring a few short videos of olivia, in the near future.  until then…

we love you all lots!

– court

life in cali

we are nearing the end of our third week in california, with one week left.  santa barbara, san diego, and cayucos have been good to us.  hopefully i’ll find a moment to write a little more about our trip.

our little girl is growing fast, and we are more in love every day.  truth be told, she has been quite the challenge, as we’ve discovered the difficulties of colic.  fortunately, we have lots of loving hands who are happy to rock, sway, and bounce her.  of course, we’re hoping she’ll grow out of it and feel better soon.  at the same time, she is developing a sweet social smile, has been cooing up a storm, and is sleeping long stretches at night (eight hours last night!).  it is so exciting to see her become a little girl with personality — she is the highlight of every day.


so sorry for the long absence!  i swear, every time i get on wordpress to blog, something more urgent seems to come up.

but those days are gone — at least for now!  i am five weeks into “easy” rotations, and finally feel like i’m catching up on life!  my inbox still needs some cleaning out, but hey.  i don’t have to be caught up on everything, do i?

as you can guess, much has happened since my last post.  most of all, this little baby has grown, and my belly has thus grown as well!

and as my belly has grown, we have continued to work, play, and enjoy time with each other (as well as family and friends).  below is a summary of the past few months — i apologize in advance for the very long post!


on march 24th, we celebrated the coming arrival of baby b with an unbelievable shower, hosted by my dear friend rachel, along with her mom and her sister!

the shower was perfect, from the beautiful yellow floral arrangements (my favorite — reminiscent of our wedding five years ago!) to the decadent array of homemade foods.  so many wonderful friends were there, and we were blessed with an abundance of generous gifts, including very needed basics and many sentimental/thoughtful/creative gifts!

we especially loved the replacement of greeting cards (paper that might otherwise by thrown away) with children’s books for baby b, signed by each gift-giver!  we received so many classic favorites, as well as quite a few new books that have been so fun to read ourselves!  it’s so great to already have a little library established for him/her, and we can’t wait to read both the books and the special messages to our little one in the years to come.

lots of yellows, branches, and birds.

photos of little aaron and little courtney, over the beautiful arrangement of gifts in the entryway.

one of the gorgeous floral arrangements (hand crafted by rachel, karen, and jen).

our dear friend denise (who drove in from houston) putting the finishing touches on the extravagant buffet.

my gorgeous mom and sister.

aaron’s sweet mom, elaine.

a few of my dear friends from residency who made the trek out to my shower!

in the midst of opening gifts — stopping to read one of the special messages written to baby b in his/her new book!

some of my very dearest friends from the past six years in dallas.

rachel (right) with her mom karen and sister jen — my adopted family and the beautiful, dedicated hostesses who spent long hours arranging flowers, baking, finding decorations, creating games, and the list goes on…

missing jenny, our other dearest friend, who sent her love from lesotho (southern africa).

it was an especially wonderful weekend (despite a lost voice and the dreaded pink eye — thank you children’s emergency room), as we were blessed to have a few of our favorite visitors here in town.  my mom, my sister kelley and her husband matt, aaron’s mom, and aaron’s uncle fred and aunt tonya all came to dallas to celebrate with us.  we shopped, ate delicious food, and stayed up late listening to aaron read baby b’s new books.

out to dinner after the shower, with our family at mi cocina.

two of our beloved visitors — matt’s first visit to dallas!

on march 31st, we celebrated the amazing accomplishments of aaron’s mom, elaine, in her 40+ years of work and dedication to the children and families of phoenix.  we traveled to phoenix for the weekend, where we attended an amazing “retirement” party with a huge number of people who love and have been loved by elaine, particularly in her work with the foundation for blind children (  it was so special, and we are filled with joy and inspired by all of the ways that she has loved others with the love of our God.  you can read about her impact on many lives in this really cool article (click here).

while we were in phoenix, we were again spoiled with a small party to celebrate baby b.  we were, of course, showered again with generous gifts, and the book theme continued.  we are so very blessed!

we didn’t manage to get pictures of the retirement party or the shower, but elaine did get a few of us with the new baby goats at the baldridge “farm”!

me and aaron, with the kids.

my wonderful husband, soon to be a wonderful daddy.

posing with the woman of the hour in front of her lush, amazing garden.

at the beginning of april, our nursery furniture arrived.  i looked forward to soon having time to assemble it all, and begin to make a space for our little one.  however, while i was busy working my second-to-last shift of my emergency medicine rotation, my amazing husband surprised me by setting it all up!  everything fit perfectly. he left me plenty of fun things to finish up (putting the linens on the bed, organizing the dresser and side table, etc), and it wasn’t long before i was nesting — organizing, rearranging, then organizing some more.  here’s a glimpse at our wonderful nursery.

view from the door.

the crib — pretty cute, huh?!

a close up.
*disclaimer: as a budding pediatrician, i will be taking the oh-so-cute bumper out as soon as baby can roll over, lest you wonder about the safety of our child’s crib.

the changing table and dresser.

the guest bed (or more likely, mommy + daddy’s bed when guests come to visit) and side table with a few of baby’s new board books.

hopefully arriving before the big arrival.

at the end of april, i traveled to boston with rachel.  we attended the p.a.s. conference (pediatric academic societies) for the first time, with the opportunity to present a poster about our advocacy project (see the blog from our trip last july).  even with a great reputation, being the big annual pediatric conference, p.a.s. was even better than i expected.

we attended several educational sessions, almost all relating to global health, which was so exciting.  our favorite session was on the problem of diarrheal illness in developing countries (i know, major nerds) — the keynote speaker was from the world health organization, and was the brains behind oral rehydration solution (which dramatically decreased the number of deaths from diarrheal illness in the past 20 years).

of course, we also took the opportunity to explore the historic, beautiful city of boston.  we did lots of walking around and lots of eating. on our first night there, we met up with my close friends from westmont, jess and josiah — not only was dinner delicious, but it was so exciting to see my dear friends in their new city!  every meal we ate in boston was delicious, and we rounded it out at the atlantic fish company, with a bowl of their acclaimed clam chowder.  mmm…

our first meal in boston — amazing, unique sandwiches.

the lake at the public garden, right next to boston common.

tulips were everywhere!

my dear friends, jess and josiah.

chilly boston nights.

awesome fire station, across the street from the conference.

grabbing brunch before our poster presentation.

awesome brunch, that is — caramelized banana french toast and sausage/ricotta/potato frittata.

presenting our poster in the advocacy special interest group.

do we look professional, or what?!

nothing like a trip with my kindred soul.

clam chowder in new england. enough said.

on may 7th, ninety-three of aaron’s students took the a.p. environmental science exam.  always a momentous occasion.  now, he’s wrapping up at work, and will be out for summer in two weeks!  of course, the work never ends, as he’s now preparing for an entirely new course next year.  he’ll be teaching all the seniors at his school, in a course focusing on discovering self.  we’re really excited about it, and he’s reading non-stop to prepare.

last but not least: my sweet husband became my photographer last weekend, capturing this momentous time in our lives with our new camera (my amazing birthday present).  thanks, baby, for humoring me — you’re the best, and you make a great photographer.

if you made it this far: thanks for catching up with us!  i’ll do my best to check in more often in the coming weeks, until baby jude/olivia arrives.

love you guys!

catching up

i know — it’s been a long, long time since we’ve blogged.  for those of you who blog, you know that the longer your absence, the harder it is to write a new post.  where to start?  how do i just jump right back in?

well, our time in africa ( inspired me.  writing a blog post was like therapy for me and rachel, and we were amazed by the love and encouragement we felt as we read the comments of our family and friends.  it was an incredible way to stay connected with the people we love, and to make the most of the work we were doing, through sharing it with others.

thus, i’ve made a resolution to start sharing more of our life through our personal blog.  and as a symbol of that resolution, i’ve moved our blog to wordpress (not to mention it’s pretty snazzy-lookin’).  i’m sure that posts won’t be as frequent as they were in africa, but i do hope they will happen more often than they did on our old blog.  so… here it goes.


life back in dallas is, well, hot!  it’s been over 100 degrees almost every day since we got back to the states on july 30th.  other than the month in 2006 when i moved here for med school, i do NOT remember it being this hot here!  fortunately, i work so much that i don’t really notice it all that much.  unfortunately, it’s time to start training for the white rock half marathon, and i haven’t pounded the pavement since who knows when (africa doesn’t count, because it was red dirt).  bleh.  forecasts are predicting highs of 90 and below for next week, starting on labor day.  here’s to hoping.

life on night shifts is over (for a little while), and i’m already one week in to life in the nicu.  i thought it was going to be overwhelming (icu care is sooo different), but i’m surprisingly enjoying myself.  not enjoying the 4:30am wake-ups, but am thoroughly enjoying our amazing attending, who should win a teaching award if she hasn’t already.  i have learned more this week than my whole four weeks last year (no offense to my old attending, just props to my new one)!

on another note, aaron has 94 students in his a.p. class this year.  ninetyfour!  he had exactly half that last year.  word got out that he was good — real good.  i’m so proud of him.  of course, the downside is that he has a bigger pool of students, so while many are excellent students, there are some who need to work a little harder than they are.  either way, he’s an amazing teacher, and i’m excited that so many students chose his class this year.  [he’s also teaching biology, just like last year.  no real news to report about that.]

hope you enjoyed this first little update on our lives!  don’t forget to leave comments… i know it’s not quite as deep as our posts about the ghanian kids (or as hilarious as the monkey whisperers), but we love just knowing you’re there!

love to everyone…


one of my absolute favorite pics from ghana