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i absolutely love the easy rotations that are part of our residency.  of course, i love them primarily for the breath of fresh air (aka free time and sleep) they give, in the midst of an otherwise hectic work schedule.  but i also love the chance to learn something outside the hospital.  the truth is, i love inpatient medicine — my most likely job of choice in 2 years will be in a hospital rather than a clinic — but we get SO MUCH inpatient learning in residency that the occasional outpatient and ancillary experience is quite exciting.  especially because i am so well-rested [during these rotations] that i am able to listen and learn so much more!

last year, my easy months were first care (becoming an expert at ear infections and rashes!) and cardiology clinic (improving my skills at heart murmurs and EKGs!).  this month, i am on “development.”  in the past two weeks, i have spent time watching children receive therapy for speech delay, participating in intensive pre-school classes for kids with autism, and listening to lectures about adhd, dyslexia, and autism.  i feel like i have spent the last 15 months pretending to understand these things, whenever they were quickly mentioned at various times in the hospital, but now i finally have a grasp on them!  while observing can get boring, i am so thankful for this opportunity to learn.  in fact, it has piqued my interest so much that i have even started reading a development textbook with sincere excitement!  i’m on the road to really understanding how to assess my patients’ development in a thoughtful and meaningful way.  and i still have two weeks to learn even more!

happy friday!

never trust a preemie…

… except maybe my niece.  she’s pretty trustworthy.

really though.  it’s a saying we hear pretty often in our line of work, especially when in the nicu.  the point is this: taking care of a premature baby is unpredictable.  one minute they’ll look great, and the next moment you’re running around like a chicken with its head cut off, trying to figure out what’s wrong.

unfortunately, i learned the true meaning of that saying today.  i arrived at 5:30 am to find out that my sick baby was still very sick, and my newest baby had all but fallen apart overnight.  it was stressful for me, barely completing my notes and exams in time for rounds.  but more than the stress, it’s hard to see my patients in such critical condition, wondering if they’ll make it.  fortunately, at the end of today, i do have hope that they’re on their way to recovery.  still, i’ll always have that fear that they might fall apart again.  never trust a preemie.

the science and technology that helps these babies survive and grow is amazing (especially as i remember our preemies in ghana, where we didn’t have access to all these important technologies).  but what’s even more amazing is how God created a woman’s body to perfectly nurture babies and help them grow over nine months, even better than any piece of technology we can create!  his creation is awesome.

happy wednesday!