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special edition

bringing you a very special friday phone dump…

warm fires and cozy scarves

enjoying the chilly weather that has finally arrived in dallas!  my sweet husband has made some incredible fires in our fireplace this past week, and i’ve pulled out my scarves, gloves, and sweaters.  love it.

p.s. did you know that bailey’s irish cream makes their own coffee creamer (found next to the coffee-mate in the refrigerated section of the grocery store)?  it is de-li-cious.  i’m not usually a fan of sweet creamers, but even i’m a sucker for this one.  i highly recommend you go find it and put it in your coffee this weekend.  🙂


i absolutely love the easy rotations that are part of our residency.  of course, i love them primarily for the breath of fresh air (aka free time and sleep) they give, in the midst of an otherwise hectic work schedule.  but i also love the chance to learn something outside the hospital.  the truth is, i love inpatient medicine — my most likely job of choice in 2 years will be in a hospital rather than a clinic — but we get SO MUCH inpatient learning in residency that the occasional outpatient and ancillary experience is quite exciting.  especially because i am so well-rested [during these rotations] that i am able to listen and learn so much more!

last year, my easy months were first care (becoming an expert at ear infections and rashes!) and cardiology clinic (improving my skills at heart murmurs and EKGs!).  this month, i am on “development.”  in the past two weeks, i have spent time watching children receive therapy for speech delay, participating in intensive pre-school classes for kids with autism, and listening to lectures about adhd, dyslexia, and autism.  i feel like i have spent the last 15 months pretending to understand these things, whenever they were quickly mentioned at various times in the hospital, but now i finally have a grasp on them!  while observing can get boring, i am so thankful for this opportunity to learn.  in fact, it has piqued my interest so much that i have even started reading a development textbook with sincere excitement!  i’m on the road to really understanding how to assess my patients’ development in a thoughtful and meaningful way.  and i still have two weeks to learn even more!

happy friday!

friday phone dump

hoping to start a tradition for our blog, inspired by one of my favorite bloggers, kelle hampton.

happy friday!