so much to say

i promised to keep everyone up to date on baby b’s progress… unfortunately, my schedule has decided otherwise.  i’ve been planning to post pictures of the slowly-but-ever-growing bump, but only now do i finally have the time!  of course, i’ll be back to start a nineteen-day stretch of work tomorrow, but until then, i’m here to share the latest.

i’ll start with the part that everyone is eagerly anticipating: the bump.  it didn’t seem like it was ever going to appear, but it finally did.  three weeks ago, i started getting questions for the first time — is that a baby bump i see?  i thought they were pretty brave (how did they know i didn’t just have a big lunch?), but as the days go on, it gets more and more obvious… and now it’s just plain impossible to hide!

here’s a few quick pics to demonstrate.  sorry for the less-than-amazing quality…

yep!  no doubt about it.  there’s a baby in there.

and if there was any doubt, it definitely disappeared when we saw that cute little profile on ultrasound last week, just days after i started feeling him/her move!  i know it sounds cliche, but i have never witnessed such a miracle — the feeling of a little child moving around inside my belly is the most incredible thing i have ever experienced.  no contest.  i now look forward to feeling those little kicks and turns every day.  and baby b is so active that his/her daddy gets to feel the kicks pretty often, too!  so in love.

as for the ultrasound, we are so grateful to report that everything looks great.  developing brain and spinal cord, four-chamber heart, ten fingers and ten toes… good stuff.  especially coming from a job where i see all the things that can go wrong, i am thankful for each little blessing.  and to top it all off — the baby’s growth is right on track, except for a longer-than-average femur bone.  wonder who baby b got that from… 😉  gonna be a tall guy/gal.

well, i think it’s time for me to get back to researching strollers and carseats while the super bowl finishes out.  so much to learn, so little time…

thanks for all your prayers and love.  we love you guys so much.

3 thoughts on “so much to say

  1. You’re sweet, Neyner. Lovin’ the bump. We’re continuing to pray for a healthy little one!

  2. lacey says:

    SO amazing to see the growth – especially between weeks 18 and 19. You look beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

  3. carl & Elaine Baldridge says:

    Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful progress.. what a cute profile..Courtney and Baby B! We love you all, Granny and Grandaddy B. or whatever he or she chooses to call us!

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