week twelve

as always, i’ve been meaning to post something new for quite a while… so here i am, four weeks later!

this is a busy season for me, not only because of christmas, but also because i have a bunch of busy rotations all in a row this winter — in order that i can have a relaxed spring in preparation for baby b. it will be well worth it — i just have to remind myself that, and take it one day at a time!

and in all of the busyness, despite my lack of visible evidence (no baby bump yet), our little babe has grown into a little person! through an unfortunate event this week, we had the chance to see him/her a little earlier than planned! on my way to work this past monday, a nice older woman accidentally ran a red light and hit the passenger side of our honda civic. it was scary (mostly because i didn’t see it coming) — but God protected me, and i came out without any injuries. nevertheless, i called my doctor, who (of course) sent me to the emergency room to make sure that baby and i were okay. it was a very long day, but the one perk was the ultrasound of our very active little one!

remember this?

well this is just three and a half weeks later!

pretty amazing, huh?!  those cute little arms, legs, nose, mouth…  i am in wonder at God’s beautiful work!

i am humbled by how blessed i have been thus far.  most of all, by a little son/daughter that is living and growing in my belly.  and also by the fact that i miraculously escaped the dreaded morning sickness!  sure, i had a few mornings where i felt a little queasy and had to sit for a few minutes, but a few bites of cereal later and i was good.  this is a blessing for any woman, but i am especially grateful for the fact that i am so blessed during my residency.  in other words, for those of you who are wondering — i’m feeling great!  thanks for asking. : )

well, i promise some belly pictures… just as soon as that bump shows itself!

love you all lots.

– court

3 thoughts on “week twelve

  1. carl & Elaine Baldridge says:

    Miracles all around in this season of miracles. We love you guys and are so grateful that all are safe. Mom and Dad B

  2. Can’t wait to meet the little Baldridge! Glad you’re feeling well, Neyner, and looking forward to seeing you guys in a couple weeks!

  3. so thankful my sister and niece/nephew are well and doing great! can’t wait to see more sonogram pictures of that cute little babe as he/she grows. love you three :).

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