a little more country

driving home today with my sunroof and back windows open to the cool breeze of october, i was reminded of just how much i love country music.

back in high school, i enjoyed the poppy sound of dixie chicks and she*daisy, but i didn’t have any appreciation for the ballads of george strait or kenny chesney.

now that my driver’s license says “texas” on it, though, i play a whole new kind of music when i’m in a “life-is-good-whether-i-had-a-busy-day-or-a-lazy-one” mood.  now that i have the context of friends + margaritas at lake travis, or lunch on the guadalupe with our great family, those twangy tunes have taken on a sense of joy and peace, which i could only learn by living in texas.

regardless of all those times we ignorantly jabbed at texas when we first moved here, i’m glad we stayed long enough to understand why people love this place and that music so much.

One thought on “a little more country

  1. lacey says:

    this post made me smile. 🙂

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