sorry we missed last friday’s phone dump! i have a few pictures, but we were busy enjoying a weekend away in houston, so i didn’t make it to the blog!

when i was in med school, the october of our first year was known as “black-tober” — because the calendar is black with tons of exams.  everyone dreaded it, including me!  but we all got through it (obviously)… and here i am, five years later, having enjoyed a month of pure joy this october of two thousand eleven.  my four-week development rotation was a great chance to enjoy our family and friends, as i had every single weekend off. what a luxury!!! i am so thankful for all the people that surround us, near and far. our family and friends bring so much joy and depth to our lives!

here are some of the fun things that filled our october:

  • veggie burgers and thai steak noodle salad at houston’s
  • trip to the pumpkin patch at the dallas arboretum
  • sweet conversations about the future and where God might be leading us and our friends
  • a few chilly days — finally!
  • coconut cream pie at capital grille
  • a harry potter themed birthday party with fun friends
  • leisurely shopping with my mom and sis
  • re-vamping our bible reading at the baldridge home
  • decorating sugar cookies cut in the shape of pumpkins
  • movies at the theater  (a rarity for the baldridges) — 50/50 and footloose
  • guacamole at mi cocina
  • surprising a friend with our visit to houston
  • girls vs boys game of “cranium”  with mom, dad, and sis
  • a reunion of dear friends
  • african ground nut soup and moroccan vegetable stew
  • praying over a friend as we send her off to lesotho for a year
  • staying up late chatting with my sis
i didn’t name everything, but as you can see, it was a good month.  i started my rotation in the pediatric i.c.u. (fondly known as the “picu”) this past monday, and it’s going well so far.  it was sad to say goodbye to my days of relaxation and fun, but i’m also happy to say that i’m enjoying the hard work, too.  i’m pretty sure i was made for pediatric medicine… i just love it.
i promise some photos on friday…  ciao till then!

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