3:12 pm September 6th, 1981

30 years ago i was born. i have left the twenties behind. i have entered a new era. let me recap the past 10 years for you with a post on the life that was aaron earle baldridge in his twenties.

on september 6, 2001 i was in my sophomore year at westmont college. (i had not even met courtney) i took biology II, organic chemistry, physics, multivariable calculus, and volleyball that semester 18 credit hours with three labs (wes galliher had the same exact schedule as me)

the summer of 2002 was the first summer of lifeguarding for the city of phoenix and working at the foundation for blind children. (i worked 60-80 hours a week some of those weeks)

my junior year i was an resident assistant in clark halls under a fine mentor and man mark “the rd”. (this was the year that i met courtney as she lived in the dorm room just below mine, we were just friends)

at the end of junior year courtney asked if we would date in the future, i said no. i severely sprained my left ankle and i went back to phoenix to work as a lifeguard and at the foundation for blind children.

senior year was incredibly life changing: ra again in clark halls, one of the students in my dorm died, my grandpa died, i went to costa rica, washington d.c., phoenix, oregon, san jose ca, and after graduation to boston for a month. (learned a lot this year. think i may have entered the dark night of the soul)

i enrolled at fuller theological seminary phoenix extension campus for the fall and started working at a church. the spring of 2005 took me to antigua guatemala and rio dulce guatemala for three months. my return introduced me to mission springs and the outdoor education department where i began work in the fall. (scott tolan and leah (kumpe) ellis are great travel partners)

the spring of 2006 i started talking to one courtney whitmore and the summer took me back to antigua guatemala for two more months. i went back to mission springs for the fall, got engaged to courtney and made a decision to move to dallas where courtney started medical school. (courtney, thank you for giving me a chance. i love love love you)

i enrolled at dallas theological seminary for the spring of 2007 and moved to dallas, tx.

that spring i enrolled in the alternative certification program for dallas independent school district and started that program in the summer, the same summer i got married! (total turn around time from talking to dating to engagement to marriage, 13 months)

hillcrest high school hired me to teach science for the fall of 2007 and courtney baldridge entered her second year of medical school. three years at hillcrest and ut southwestern medical school, lost my grandma (ginny), trip to the dominican republic, and the match had us knowing that residency would keep us in dallas, so we moved closer to hillcrest. (too many people taught me too much in this span, like drinking out of a fire hose)

i was offered a job to teach at the science and engineering magnet high school in dallas isd and took the position teaching ap environmental science and pre-ap biology for the fall of 2010, lost courtney’s grandpa (harry) at the beginning of 2011. in the summer of 2011 we went to ghana and guinea in west africa: africainjuly.wordpress.com

i have seen many ups and downs. we have seen God’s blessing in our lives. we have added new members to the family and lost some. we have been faithful to God’s call in our lives.

here i am. thirty trips around the sun. teacher, husband, child of God. a follower. a learner. may God grant me another ten years of His providence and blessing or may He take me to bask in His glory and worship Him forever!

2 thoughts on “3:12 pm September 6th, 1981

  1. Kristen Whitmore says:

    Aaron! How do I not have your # in my phone to wish you a happy birthday?! I loved this post and love the way God leads and works through you and Neyner. We just love you guys. And… Happy 30th, old man!

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