catching up

i know — it’s been a long, long time since we’ve blogged.  for those of you who blog, you know that the longer your absence, the harder it is to write a new post.  where to start?  how do i just jump right back in?

well, our time in africa ( inspired me.  writing a blog post was like therapy for me and rachel, and we were amazed by the love and encouragement we felt as we read the comments of our family and friends.  it was an incredible way to stay connected with the people we love, and to make the most of the work we were doing, through sharing it with others.

thus, i’ve made a resolution to start sharing more of our life through our personal blog.  and as a symbol of that resolution, i’ve moved our blog to wordpress (not to mention it’s pretty snazzy-lookin’).  i’m sure that posts won’t be as frequent as they were in africa, but i do hope they will happen more often than they did on our old blog.  so… here it goes.


life back in dallas is, well, hot!  it’s been over 100 degrees almost every day since we got back to the states on july 30th.  other than the month in 2006 when i moved here for med school, i do NOT remember it being this hot here!  fortunately, i work so much that i don’t really notice it all that much.  unfortunately, it’s time to start training for the white rock half marathon, and i haven’t pounded the pavement since who knows when (africa doesn’t count, because it was red dirt).  bleh.  forecasts are predicting highs of 90 and below for next week, starting on labor day.  here’s to hoping.

life on night shifts is over (for a little while), and i’m already one week in to life in the nicu.  i thought it was going to be overwhelming (icu care is sooo different), but i’m surprisingly enjoying myself.  not enjoying the 4:30am wake-ups, but am thoroughly enjoying our amazing attending, who should win a teaching award if she hasn’t already.  i have learned more this week than my whole four weeks last year (no offense to my old attending, just props to my new one)!

on another note, aaron has 94 students in his a.p. class this year.  ninetyfour!  he had exactly half that last year.  word got out that he was good — real good.  i’m so proud of him.  of course, the downside is that he has a bigger pool of students, so while many are excellent students, there are some who need to work a little harder than they are.  either way, he’s an amazing teacher, and i’m excited that so many students chose his class this year.  [he’s also teaching biology, just like last year.  no real news to report about that.]

hope you enjoyed this first little update on our lives!  don’t forget to leave comments… i know it’s not quite as deep as our posts about the ghanian kids (or as hilarious as the monkey whisperers), but we love just knowing you’re there!

love to everyone…


one of my absolute favorite pics from ghana

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