remembering santo domingo, supporting port au prince.

over the past six months, i have slowly compiled a small book about our month of july at the cure international hospital in the dominican republic.  [emphasis on the “slowly” — i won’t give you any excuses to explain how it came to be january!]

we are still so overwhelmed at the generosity of our families and friends — through you, [nearly] four surgeries were paid for, and the lives of four children were changed dramatically.  that’s right; although our fundraising website doesn’t reflect this (due to technical issues), together we raised three thousand eight hundred twenty dollars and eighty four cents.  that’s $3820.84 — crazy, huh?  we love when God does crazy things like that.

thus, you will find below a report of our month in the dominican.  we wish you could have been there with us, but we hope you’ll get a glimpse into the lives of the dominican people that you have loved through your prayers and generosity.

unfortunately, the needs of the world will not end in this lifetime.  we continue to see people living under bridges in texas and california, and the number of disabled children in the dominican republic is far from dwindling.  and i would guess that the greatest “need of the world” on your mind today might be the suffering in port au prince, haiti.  we are mourning with the haitian people, and we struggle to fathom the losses suffered there because of the earthquake.  meanwhile, dr. nelson and many others are in the haitian capital, saving lives and limbs through the resources of cure international and with the love of Christ.  we hope you’ll take a moment to read about the relief effort here, and consider supporting cure international as you feel led.

we love you all so very much.

p.s. we recommend clicking on “fullscreen” or “download” — it will be much easier to read that way.
Cure Report 2009

One thought on “remembering santo domingo, supporting port au prince.

  1. Marcela says:

    loved the stories and pictures, thanks for sharing!

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