this week, while not perfectly lazy, has been a breath of fresh air.  remember all that craziness going on?  volleyball coaching?  residency applications?  seminary course?  one rotation after another?  done, done, done and done.  after a crazy fall semester, we are celebrating the completion of many commitments with a week full of family.

this year, we took advantage of the week aaron gets off [every year] through the district and the week that began my first month-off in fourth year.  we took the week to visit some of my family in san diego, visit the rest of my family in fullerton, visit some of aaron’s family in los angeles, complete my first two residency interviews, then visit the rest of aaron’s family in phoenix.  it is a bit of a whirlwind, but one of the best whirlwinds we’ve had in a while.  we love our family.

so that’s it.  we had a good fall.  we’re happy to be less busy.  we even happier to see our family.  i’m now on the interview trail.  and we’ll be back for another update soon.  ciao!

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