long absence

unfortunately, i have no excuse for the long pause in our blogging. but we’re back! let me fill you in on recent happenings.

  • usmle step 2: done and done! this licensing exam has two components (taken on different days in different cities!): a painstakingly-long multiple-choice exam (would you believe it was nine hours?!), and a practical exam where they test our ability to interact with patients by giving us “standardized patients” — in other words, actors pretending to have various illnesses! i finished both of these in august, which means no more studying for tests for a very long time (read: more than a year!).
  • teaching, year three: aaron started the new school year in august, and man! — third year’s the charm! after 12 of his 23 environmental science students passed the a.p. test this past may, he returned in august to find the course tripled in size — 69 students this year! apparently, word got around about mr. baldridge’s awesomeness, and students were lining up to take the class. yes, this environmental science “explosion” did lead to the complete disappearance of a.p. chemistry at hillcrest. yes, this class was non-existent at h.h.s. two years ago. and yes, i do have students coming up and begging me to stay in dallas for residency so they can take mr. baldridge’s class next year.
  • children’s emergency room: september found me at my favorite place on campus — children’s medical center. this rotation was a huge deal, for one reason: i took care of patients as if they were my patients. that is, i was the primary person getting the patient’s story, ordering tests for the patient, updating the patient’s family on results, calling consultants, writing for medications, getting the patient admitted, and so on. of course, my attending was always behind me, seeing the patient, approving or modifying my plan, signing my orders for studies/meds, all that good stuff. but the one whom the patient knew as their healthcare provider was me! it was a huge challenge, but also incredibly exciting. i grew by leaps and bounds; and dare i say, i feel almost ready for residency! almost

  • hillcrest girls’ volleyball: not only is this aaron’s second year of the a.p. class, but it’s also his second season as assistant coach for hillcrest volleyball. the first thing i have to say about it: busy, busy, busy. the second thing i have to say: perfect match! aaron loves coaching the girls, and they love having him as a coach. the team is doing really well this year… and while i’ll keep the bragging to a minimum (i think i exceeded my allowance above), i have this sneaking feeling that their success is due [at least in part] to a certain guy…
  • training for white rock: against all common sense, i’ve decided to run my first (and probably only!) marathon, the dallas white rock marathon. my close friend rachel will be running the half on the same day (dec 13th), so we enjoy running together as often as we can. tomorrow marks the end of week 8 of 18. woohoo!
that’s probably enough for now… maybe i’ll post a couple little stories in the next week or two.
also, in case you’re wondering, we do have plans for a report (with pictures) on our month in the dominican and the surgeries [plural!] that were sponsored by your generosity. i promise it’s coming. better late than never, right?

2 thoughts on “long absence

  1. lacey says:

    love the new look. 🙂

  2. wonderful update! we can't wait to see you guys- we're really missing you!

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