cada dia

it’s funny to go to a developing country and advance technologically — at home in dallas, we don’t get television, but here in the d.r. our apartment has cable television. i mention this because we discovered, on the local santo domingo station, a concert that replays just about every night — jesus adrian romero — and have become frequent viewers during our time here. this talented Christian artist was virtually unknown in the dominican during my stay 3 years ago. now, after aaron and i have listened to his music for the past 3 years (thanks to aaron’s friend sarah), he’s suddenly all over the dominican. we even sang two of his songs for devotionals at cure today.

in the process of watching bits and pieces of his concert over the past three weeks, i have found the song that very accurately describes my sentiments at the moment. i wanted to share with you this treasure, that you might be encouraged as well.

cada dia — performed by pecos romero with jesus adrian romero
(forgive me for any poor translation from spanish to english)

mi corazon confiado esta porque yo Te conozco
y en medio de la tempestad nunca estoy sola  
y puedo tu silueta ver en medio de la niebla 
tu gracia es suficiente en mi si el mundo tiembla  

cada dia, despierto y tu misericordia esta conmigo
puedo descansar -- Tu eres el mismo
cada dia me enseñas a confiar en Ti con tu palabra
mi fe se aumenta mas cada mañana 

my heart is confident because i know you.
and in the middle of the storm, i am never alone.
and i can see your silhouette in the middle of the fog.
even if the world trembles, your grace is sufficient in me.

each day, i wake up and your mercy is with me.
i can rest — You are the same.
each day, You show me how to trust in You through your word.
my faith is increased more every morning.

p.s. if you’d like to hear the song, you can find it here.

One thought on “cada dia

  1. Marcela says:

    your translation is perfect! cant wait to hear more about your trip.

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