la semana pasada

the past seven days have been chock-full. as you read below, donating blood was just one of the many tasks that filled aaron’s horario (schedule) this past week. we joke about how much the hospital has grown attached to his variety of skills, as i have been asked more than once by staff at the hospital, “where’s your husband? i need to ask him…” while we expected him to find “a few” things to do, he apparently has a full-time job here at cure.

i haven’t been any less busy either. de verdad (actually), i think i might be busier here than i was on several of my rotations this past year – but while i’m tired, i’m loving my return to cure d.r. (republica dominicana). between the jam-packed clinic on mon/wed/fri and the amazing (and sometimes fairly long) surgeries on tues/thurs/etc., we’re plenty busy. then you add on all the projects that dr. nelson is working on in the hospital, and it makes for one overflowing horario (see translation above).

one of my favorite parts of this last week was reconnecting with the staff that i got to know so well last time. although there has been some turnover in the past three years, the doctors, many of the enfermeras (nurses), and some of the auxiliary staff (including the sweet cook and our friendly maintenance man) remain the same. i loved encountering old friends who didn’t expect to see me, and asking them “me recuerdas? (do you remember me?)” almost every time, i got a big smile, and an enthusiastic “COR-NY!” because the cure center/hospital in santo domingo is quite small, the staff is something like a family, and it is good to be back with some of the people who loved me so well last time i was here.

we hope to share more in depth about patients in the next few blogs, but here’s an idea of what i saw this week. i saw a little boy who was brought from jamaica six months ago, who is now at the end of his course of many surgeries (and unfortunately some complications), now walking (with the assistance of a walker and some leg braces) when before, his legs were permanently bent so that he had to walk with his hands and knees. i saw a girl who has lived with clubfoot for 15 years receive a state-of-the-art taylor spatial frame, to slowly correct her foot so that she can walk with two straight feet someday soon. i saw a sweet little girl with rickets (and the classic accompanying bow-legged deformity), and got to talk to her about how she loves school and wants to become a doctor someday. and then i got to reassure her mother that she needn’t worry about the potential cost of treatment, as we were there to give to them as Christ has given to us.

life down here is different, and it’s not always a breeze… so keep praying that we will have rest, energy, hope, and joy in the weeks that remain. still, we are very aware that we are blessed. aaron and i are so happy to be here together, and so thankful to share life with those who are here.

One thought on “la semana pasada

  1. Marcela says:

    Cor-ny! We miss you guys! Know that you are being prayed for, and I am so excited about what our Lord is doing in your lives and through you. Loving the posts!

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