la cruz roja (the red cross)

tuesday at cure afforded my first opportunity to help the cause of this surgery hospital. i arrived just in time for lunch but i always check in with three different people to see what’s in store for the day. the first person i talked to asked me if i was wiling to donate blood. i said i was but wanted to know a few details. after the details i found courtney, who was on break from surgery, and told her about my donation plan. her first question, “how do you feel about that?” “fine, the donation is through the red cross.” we ate lunch and i went to talk to the director of cure and he said, “i hear you are going to donate blood, how do you feel about that?”
i laughed.

we filled out forms, waited in line, waited in more lines, and after some haggling received the pint of blood we needed in a styrofoam take-out box and i carried this on the back of a motorcycle back to cure.

needless to say, after this whole process, my blood is being used for a surgery at the cure hospital.

that’s right everyone, check one more thing to do off of my ‘life list’: donate blood in a third world country.

2 thoughts on “la cruz roja (the red cross)

  1. Marcela says:

    so proud of you Aaron!

  2. .adam. says:

    I'm pretty sure this is a fake…your blood is far to dark and chocolaty to be real blood…it might even be ketchup. I bet you feel pretty bad for donating ketchup to the hospital. but not as bad as the little kid who gets it injected into his veins. I can't believe you sometimes. Donating ketchup to a hospital as blood. you've gone too far.-my vacation was amazing. I'm back in SB. let's chat soon. what time zone are you in?

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