spare time in high school?

some of my students have recently taken to writing a pseudo newspaper about our high school. the articles have a very “onion” feel to them and i was flattered to be their first source of fun. if you get adventuresome you can look at some of the other articles, but here is the link to my article.

oh yeah, the real hillcrest newspaper is called the hurricane and my students “newspaper” is aptly named: the cyclone.

3 thoughts on “spare time in high school?

  1. Wes says:

    Are you sure you didn’t assist in writing that article, AB? The humor sounds surprisingly familiar… :)Great face, btw. Hope you’re doing well and enjoying teaching.

  2. I posted a comment. Hope it wasn’t out of line.

  3. I left a comment. Hope it wasn’t out of line. I was shooting for the same tone as the article, but you know how us old-folks are. We can’t quite get the hang of this technology stuff.

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