Cristo ha resucitado!

about a year ago, we wrote one of our first blog entries on the celebration of Jesus’ resurrection… and now we’re here again to say: HE is risen!  despite the stormy weather here in dallas, it is a beautiful day, because of His great love.

it’s definitely beginning to feel like spring around here.  for one thing, the heat has been turned to a/c in our apartment complex [even though it’s still getting into the thirties some days!] — the space heater we found at bed, bath, and beyond is definitely a sign of spring.
seriously, though, we’ve had some beautiful sunshine, the flowers are in bloom [including the tulips aaron brought home for my birthday and the stunning orchid that he cultivated to bloom 2 years after i got it!]… and strawberries and avocados are being eaten regularly in this household!  i think this year i have really come to appreciate spring.  it hasn’t been exceptionally cold this winter [though it’s always colder than san diego would be]…  i’m just more aware of the blessings that come with spring for some reason.  it’s a wonderful feeling.  [i even told my mom that i felt blessed — of all the whitmore kids — to have the april birthday.  it just feels so celebratory when you can enjoy strawberries and tulips on your birthday…]
i finished my ob/gyn rotation two weeks ago.  so much to say about it…  i love delivering babies.  yep — at the busiest labor and delivery ward in the states, they actually let us [the medical students] “catch” babies with our own two hands!  it is in-cre-di-ble.  
the rotation was actually a really big one for my group of close girl friends: all of the five of us had ob/gyn on the list as a very possible option for our careers, and we all had the rotation during the months of february and march!  so, while i won’t speak for everyone [though i think each of us is pretty much decided on one thing or another now], i will tell you the results of my rotation: i am officially applying to pediatrics residencies this summer!  you’ll have to get the details from me live [whether over the phone or over coffee], but suffice it to say that i couldn’t get my heart out of children’s medical center. 🙂  it’s a great feeling.
so, here i am, nearing the end of my third year, with three months left to go until that glorious year of medical school — fourth year.  and three months until aaron and i leave for four weeks in the dominican republic!  
in other news… we bought a new civic to replace our smashed up one.  long story, but we were very blessed to have dear friends who lent us a car while we looked for our next one.  and thanks to them [because we had some time to sit and wait], we got an amazing deal on a 2002 civic with only 40,000 miles on it, from a very friendly local honda dealership.  so, it’s burgundy and has “wood-paneled” detailing inside, and i don’t like those things so much — but who doesn’t like going back to 40K from 120K [our old civic] on the odometer?  we are very blessed.
oh, one last thing: i copied my niece [adelyn] and donated 9 inches of my hair!  and as it turns out, i got a great haircut for free!  it feels great, my hair’s healthy, and i’m enjoying my new style.  we took a quick picture with my computer so everyone over on the west coast can see it.

we love you all so much. Jesus is risen!

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