it’s a shame that we’re not more frequent in blogging… for now i find myself here, not sure where to start among the many things, big and small, that have filled the days since our last entry.  instead of long explanations, i’ll just give you some briefs.

ice storms and sunny days: we complain about it, but the ever-changing weather is actually pretty fun.
finals at hillcrest high school: oh, the joy of half days. 
bible study at ruth’s house: homemade burundian food with our burundian friends.
just-for-fun homemade sushi night: it had been far too long.

saturday afternoons at the polo fields: aaron’s winter league frisbee team is currently in second place! 
a trip to oklahoma: a chance for me to meet aaron’s great uncle and aunt, and to hang out with them, along with aaron’s uncle and aunt who were also there to visit.
finishing my psychiatry rotation: i enjoyed it so much, i was sad to see it end! — but onward and upward, into ob/gyn!
and, most recently, the totaling of the beloved honda civic: a not-so-fun rear-ending last friday (with no injuries, thankfully!), and the days of searching for a new car that have followed.  pray that we will find the right car at the right time… before we have to give up our rental!

2 thoughts on “happenings

  1. Karen says:

    i LOVE all your pictures…the one of you two is so good!!

  2. Lomagirl says:

    I want some of this sushi!

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