we recently received our wedding pictures and were super excited to see all of them and a little overwhelmed as well. there are over 700 fantastic pictures that the lovely nate and jaclyn took for our wedding day in july 2007. including our wedding we were able to get some of the photos from our friends brett and andrea while in the san diego area. they had a fantastic photographer as well who captured their splendid wedding. the same gabriel ryan then took kacey and alan’s wedding pictures.

such a flurry of pictures and we were super excited for these to get on the blog and to post some of the pictures that you all may not have seen.

we loved our little niece flower girl, addy!

my 91-year-old grandma made the trek over from phoenix to see her youngest grandchild get married. i was thrilled and so was she!

some prayer time!

more prayer time!


we were pretty happy!

we will probably post some more pictures because we are so excited!
so stay tuned and God bless you all this christmas…

One thought on “weddings

  1. kaimana says:

    Courtney! Thanks for your email a few months ago! I’ve been meaning to email you back for a long while now, and I’m just now getting to it–crazy. SO happy for you and Aaron. My email address is I’d love to catch up! Bye for now…

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