teachers and dancing

if you knew me in high school this should bring back memories. if not, then ask my parents about their experience.

so many comments have been made to me because of my most recent exploit. most of these comments have come from 14-18 year old high school students. some of these students i know and some i do not know, like the random student on the city bus who told me i “was awesome”. anyway our football team made playoffs and last year the teachers got together and did a pep rally dance to get the students pumped up and excited for the game. here is last year’s dance in case you missed it:

i was wearing a panader outfit (panaders are a dance team at our school who love do to the kick line) and i thought it was only appropriate to give the kick line a panader flare.

also, the dances all of the teachers did were very popular with the students because all of the “kids” know them from popular music videos: solja boy, the dougie, ricky bobby, etc.

there are two more videos on youtube, check them out: Video Number 1, Video Number 2 they have some different angles and some students going crazy. hope this makes you smile. my department chair said i would regret this decision. right now i feel great. oh yeah, courtney was not there to see my smooth dance moves, she’s on surgery, but thanks again to the digital because we are now able to share this moment together.

2 thoughts on “teachers and dancing

  1. .adam. says:

    some how seeing you rip your pants off like that brings back lots of memories….? Now that they’ve seen you in action a few times you’re just going to have to fight all the 16 year old girls off of you. Good luck with that.

  2. aaron. my goodness! that. was. amazing.

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