into october

we have moved quickly into october and while the autumn leaves have yet to make an appearance, the weather has been wonderful the past couple of weeks.

courtney and i have been involved in a small group for about eight weeks now. recently we have had some new attendees, refugees from the small african country of burundi. we are still really excited about this group which seems to add to our prayer life and walk with God, especially as a couple.

courtney loved being in children’s hospital the past eight weeks. as her time as a “pediatrician” came to an end this week we have a few pictures to pay tribute to her possible future position as a baby/kid/child/adolescent doctor.

courtney and her teammates — kala and bhavani.

we have also been trying to get more and more involved with hillcrest high school activities. along with young life, green club, and some other stuff, i have been helping out with the volleyball team for the past couple of months and yesterday we had a big game followed by the homecoming football game.

friday night lights.

finally, when courtney and i ran into this little girl last year we were both impressed with how much she looked like courtney. last night we ran into her again and we got many comments about how she could be one of our own kids. granted we do not have any kids… yet… but she was adorable and even did a little dance that stole our hearts. one of our friends, sarah, made a comment to my beautiful wife that she was great with kids. again i emphasize the possibility of having a pediatric doctor wife in the near future.

One thought on “into october

  1. oh my goodness… this little girl does look like she could be your daughter! She also looks like a future little Lucy. šŸ™‚ Love you guys and miss you tons!

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